Wireless Systems

We design and build technologies for the next generation mobile platforms

Gigabit-Per-Second Modem

Wireless Gigabit Ethernet replacement solution that operates at V-band, E-band and W-band. We are advancing this technology for Providing backhaul connectivity of next generation cellphone networks, allowing for satellite modules to network together, and connecting two remote areas via a wireless UAV link. See the product page for more details.

V-band WLAN Networks

This technology provides a high throughput reliable wireless connectivity while providing signal confinement to the operating area as well as added security under military EMCON conditions and/or states. This technology was conceived in order to address signal availability challenges of standard V- band WLAN equipment while preserving and integrating legacy wireless systems. ViFi solves the LOS requirements by utilizing unique spatial transmit and receive diversity techniques.

Software Defined Radios

By careful integration of hybrid processing with agile radio front end we are truly realizing the concept of software defined radios. We are creating modules that turn a smartphone into first responder or military radios. Software-defined radios provide platforms that optimize processing and radio communication based on application.