A Multi-Access Extension for Smartphones

bet356体育开户MaXphone connects commercial Android smartphones to land-mobile radio (LMR) using open platforms. A cost effective, flexible, approach to improving first responder networks.

  • LMR services like push-to-talk are extended to cellular and wifi networks.
  • Android developers can create first responder applications that roam between LMR, cellular, or WiFi.
  • This is all enabled through an attachable smartphone jacket (MaXjacket). It contains all the necessary radio equipment plus battery.

MaXphone Push-to-Talk Usage Scenario

bet356体育开户A software-defined radio runs on the smartphone, while MaXjacket hosts an LMR radio. A VoIP-P25 network gateway integrates voice services accessed over P25 and IP based networks like cellular and Wifi.

Additional Features

  • Using the open-source IP25 gateway is cost-effective
  • Leverages the low-cost and high performance of COTS platforms
  • Existing LMR accessories (PTT headset, microphones, etc) can be reused with MaXphone, along with many Bluetooth peripherals
  • Applications will be shared nationwide through a “Public Safety App Store”, empowering the first responder community