Integrated, Ultra-Efficient Envelope Modulator

MaXEA is a high-voltage, integrated envelope modulator for use in efficient envelope-tracking RFPAs.

Envelope Modulation

MaXEA supports advanced modulation standards with non-constant amplitudes:

  • high peak-to-average power ratios
  • wide modulation bandwidths
  • stringent linearity requirements

MaXEA Models



 Release Year  2015  2014
 Modulation Bandwidth  20-40 MHz 10 MHz
 Modular Efficiency 70%
 Avg. Envelope Output  7 W
 Peak Output  40 V  30 V
 RFPA Compatibility  GaN, Si-LDMOS, GaAS
Datasheets MaXEA2 IC Datasheet MaXEA1 IC Datasheet

Order a MaXEA Evaluation Board

The eval board integrates the MaXEA IC. We include a 100 Ohm test load (datasheet). Contact us to get a quote.