Portable RF Power Amplifier for Handheld Radios

Integrating a wide-band power amplifier with a rechargeable high capacity battery, one GreenAmp Unite (GAU-20) can replace multiple PA units and their associated battery packs.

Consolidating Equipment

bet356体育开户Current radio systems used by radio operators consist of multiple traditional PA and battery units to both cover the necessary frequency bands and remain operational throughout a mission. The efficiency gains and wide bandwidth provided by GAU-20’s advanced architecture, reduces this overhead to a single lightweight, co-integrated PA/battery unit.


  • Battery life up to 24hrs on a single charge
  • up to 20W CW 30-512MHz
  • up to 10W CW 512-3000MHz
  • Integrated harmonic filtering
  • Supports legacy waveforms: SINCGARS/HAVEQUICK
  • Support complex modulation: MUOS, SRW, WNW