A State-of-the-Art
PA Test Platform

With real-time digital predistortion and envelope tracking, BentoBox attains high linearity and efficiency. It eats other test platforms for lunch.

Panel Overview

bet356体育开户The top panel is the RF Line Up. It’s the envelope tracking power amplifier layer. The bottom panel is AWG & MaXPAL. It generates the signal and does up & down conversion.

AWG & MaXPAL (Top Panel) Features

  • IF and Envelope signal generation
  • Time Alignment
  • Digital Predistortion
  • Tunable RF from 500 MHz to 4.5 GHz
  • Sampling up to 2 GSps
  • 1 GHz of bandwidth
  • System in a loop solution – only analog input needed; non-invasive
  • Real-time analog streaming – waveform independent; great for classified signals
  • Programmable LOs – enables SDR operation and tunability
  • Dynamic power control – enables real system operation

RF Line Up (Bottom Panel) Features

  • RF Drivers
  • High-efficiency Power Amplifier
  • Wideband 30V Modulator
  • Couplers for measurements
  • RFPA input and output sample
  • real-time power measurements
  • Real-time spectrum and ACPR measurements
  • Envelope supply sample – real-time sample of actual envelope supply waveform
  • Power on sequencing – enable GaN RFPAs to be used